I am a graduate of Brevard College, Mars Hill College, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Vanderbilt University, and was a visiting scholar in Christian Ethics at Harvard.


  1. Hi Richard. My name is Kim Hoyle. You knew me as Kim Stamey. You baptixed me at Beaver Creek Baptist Church in Spruce Pine N.C. when I was a little girl. I remember you and Patty very well. So happy to see you are still serving the Lord. Enjoy reading contents on your website. Would love to hear from you. My email is

  2. I’ve been visiting your church and have been so inspired. After hearing William Owen speak last Wed., I even found a bit of poetry in me. As an artist, the creative spirit (my God given gift), lifts my soul to sing.

    I want to encourage others and thus, I’d like to share this poem with you.

    There was a darkness in my soul
    Implanted by a man
    When I was six years old.
    Clean shaven
    Uh oh.

    Oh no!
    The shame

    But I’m redeemed.
    HE set me free.
    There is an answer for the hurting
    No matter what the pain.
    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
    Tis so sweet
    To trust in Jesus,
    Know He’s with me
    Til the end.

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